Brazil has many islands spread out on its territorial waters, but only five of them are located beyond the borders of the continental platform, in an area where the ocean’s depth goes from 200 to over 5000 meters (600 ft to 1500 ft). Rocas, Fernando de Noronha, Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo (St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Archipelago), Trindade (Trinity), and Martin Vaz make out the select group of Brazilian oceanic islands. And among them, only Rocas is classified as an atoll, the only one in the whole vastness of the Atlantic, below the Equator’s line.The majority of the remaining 424 atolls that exist in the world are located in the Indian-Pacific Oceans area. This selection of images are part of the Bossk Atol das Rocas (DBA 2002) and many diferent stories published by magazines such National Geographic Brasil and German GEO.

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